The Welsh Home Management Directory


Below is a list with contact information for The Welsh Home Management team. If you have a general question, please email, so we can triage your question to the appropriate person. 


Sarah Koch, LNHA

Executive Director

Office Location:  Front reception area(Ext 2210)

Responsible for: Overall day-to-day operations of The Welsh Home


Iuliana Cujba, RN

Director Of Nursing

Office Location: Center of B Hall (Ext 2212)

Responsible for: Overall day-to-day operations of The Welsh Home Nursing Care


Liz Moore, RN, RAC-CT

ADON, MDS Coordinator

Office Location:  Business Office (Ext 2229)

Responsible for:  MDS and Resident-Care Planning



Maureen Schreiber, LPN

Clinical Coordinator, MDS

Office Location:  Business Office, (Ext 2270)

Responsible for:  MDS and Resident-Care Planning


LaDonna Viccarone, RN

Clinical Coordinator, Wounds

Office Location: North Unit  (Ext 2264)

Responsible for: Wounds


Tonya Vincent, LPN

Clinical Coordinator, Nurse Educator

Office Location:  Reception Area  (Ext 2226)

Responsible for:  Nursing Education


Tina Lieb, RN  

Clinical Coordinator, Restorative

Office Location: South Unit (Ext 2216)

Responsible for: Ensures and assesses all Residents who may need restorative during their stay. 


Debbie Gouker

Discharge Planning Coordinator

Office Location: E Hall (Ext 2215)

Responsible for: Short and long term Social Services Coordinator


Jonnette Weimer

Social Services Designee

Office Location: E Hall  (Ext 2261)

Responsible for: Long Term Social Service Designee; Handles all resident ancillary appointments.  


Kathy Rohrbacher

Business Office Coordinator

Office Location: Business Office Hall (Ext 2228)

Responsible for: Billing, Statements, Medicare and Medicaid Process



Rachel Toth

Admissions & Marketing Director

Responsible for: Admission into the Welsh Home and Outside and Inside Marketing for the Welsh Home



Sheryl Kinser

Life Enrichment Director

Office Location: Gathering Place (Ext 2231)

Responsible for: Coordinating of resident activities during their stay.  


Chris Parent

Dietary, Housekeeping & Laundry Director    

Office Location: Downstairs in Main Kitchen (Ext 2235)

Responsible for: Resident special dietary needs, Housekeeping for  facility and Resident laundry needs.


Brian Kuminkoski

Maintenance Director

Office Location: E Hall / Welsh Home Garage (Ext 2218)

Responsible for: Maintains all outside and inside maintenance needs for the building


Loretta Muncy, STNA                                                    

Central Supply & Scheduling Coordinator

Office Location:  E Hall (Ext 2252)

Responsible for: Scheduling of all STNA’s and ordering of  supplies


Kelly Lynn Michaels

Human Resource Director  

Office Location: Business Office Area  (Ext 2219)

Responsible for: Human Resource Training and Development, Employment Law.


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